Magmatism of the Earth and related strategic metal deposits 2018

Travel and visa







To enter the Russian Federation (Russia) every foreign citizen should have:

  • Valid Russian Entry Visa (please check the exceptions on the website of your Russian Consulate. A list of all Russian Consulates is available on the site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia – Please, learn in advance whether the Russian Federation visa is required to you.
  • Valid passport for entry to the Russian Federation (the expiry date must exceed the planned date of your departure from Russia by 6 months);
  • Migration card. You’ll be provided with this form in the airplane or at the airport. Please fill it in and keep with you during your stay in Russia. You will need it upon arrival and departure at the customs.

Your passport and Entry Visa will be checked and verified by a Passport Control Officer upon arrival and departure, at the hotel, when purchasing tickets and when traveling by train, ship, airplane or local/international carriers.


We strongly recommend that you apply for the Russian visa no later than 2.5-3 months before the event!

Visa support

If you require visa to enter the Russian Federation, you will need an official invitation from the Organizing Committee to apply for one.
To provide visa support from  V.I. Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry of Russian Academy of Sciences, meeting participants will need to provide passport information (Visa application form and passport copy) by e-mail before May 30 th .  A special document (Invitation letter) will be prepared in Russian for the Russian Consulate.
Invitation letter will be sent after approval of abstract by the Scientific Committee and receiving of conference fee.
Accompanied persons (guests) will need to get a tourist visa and pay for it.

Travel to Moscow

Moscow has 3 International Airports:
  • Domodedovo
  • Vnukovo
  • Sheremetyevo.

All airports have express-trains to downtown:

  • from Domodedovo – to “Paveletskaya” metro station;
  • from Vnukovo – to “Kievskaya” metro station,
  • from Sheremetyevo to the “Belorusskaya” metro station: (schedule -1 per a half an hour).

Express-train standard ticket cost – 500 rub ~$8. Taxi cost: 1500 – 2000 rub  ~$25-30. Ussually a lot of taxists propose more expensive rout on airport. So, it is better to choose express-train or use taxi-servis like Uber, Yandex-taxi, Gett, etc.


The conference will be held at Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry of Russian Academу of Sciences

Location of the Insittute allows you to access the Institute freely:

  1. you can walk to the metro station Vorobevy gory,
  2. take a troleybus 7 or minibus c10 from the metro station Leninsky prospect,
  3. take a  minibus c10 or troleybus 28 from the metro station University
  4. take a troleybus 7 from the metro stationon Lomonosovsky prospect (or) Kievskaya.


Metro cost  – 60 rub ~ $1. Ground transportation cost – 60 rub  ~ $1