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10.02.2018 Volcanic wines and volcanic vineyards

During the Conference the Wine evening and professional tasting Volcanic wines and volcanic vineyards” will take place in the LeSommelier Wine Shop& Bar.

It is well known that the soil composition and terroir are one of the forming factors of aromas, flavours and structure of the wine. There are many common things between the wine and volcano: specialists compare them with living creatures, that are born, grow, develop and finally die. Volcanos activity and death can bring to life the unique soil composition and vineyards, grown on them. Such vineyards and their wines are full of paradoxes, mysteries, they impress with unexpected effects, flavours, acidity level and freshness nevertheless however hot is the region. White wines are gorgeously fresh and intense, reds are elegant and astonish by animal and smoky aromas. Etna on Sicily, Tupungato in Argentina, Vulture in Basilicata, Golan Heights in Israel, volcanic islands Madeira, Santorini – this is only the beginning of the list.

We invite you to a breathtaking journey over the volcanic vineyards of the world, and taste the unique wines that will help you feel their excellence. The tasting iclude minimum 8 wine samples. The wines will be served with local cheese and meat platter. 

Price – appox. 3000 rubbles per person.  Number of participants: min 10, max 20