Магматизм Земли и связанные с ним месторождения стратегических металлов 2018



The conference papers (abstracts, proceeding) should be sent to the Organizing Committee together with Publication consent (see below)



The parers up to 4-page long, with 2.5 cm fields from all sides long must be prepared using 12-point font Times New Roman, 

UDC: Universal Decimal Classification (use http://www.udcsummary.info/php/index.php )
TITLE:  Bold, single space and centered at the top of the first page.
AUTHORS:  Author(s) (bolded italic) should be centered below title with an indication of the name of the institute and e-mail (italic). Highlight in underlining the spokesperson, please.
TEXT:  1.5 space all text, double space before and after heading. Cite references in the text by name and year in parentheses, for example (Marx,  1867). Indicate references to the tables and figures parentheses, for example (Table 1), (Fig. 2). 
FIGURES:  Photographs, drawings, or painting etc. in black and white or halftone art. Colored pictures will be printed in halftone art. All figures must be included in the file and additionally attached as or tif-flies with printable size at 300 dpi.
All figures are to be numbered using Arabic numerals, figure parts should be denoted by lowercase letters (a, b etc.).
Each figure should have a concise caption describing accurately what the figure depicts. Caption may be located below or to the right of the picture.
TABLES:  All tables are to be numbered using Arabic numerals. Please supply a table caption (title) before the table and and comments below the table. Use 10-point font Times New Roman inside the table and in comment. Table size not more than 18x24 cm, including title and comments. Please, indicate "-" for concentrations below the detection limit, and leave empty table cells if concentration wasn't define. Tables must be formed in Word (not copy-past from Excel and not past as a figure). 

Colored background is not permit for figures, tables, text, any other element of paper!


Examples of rererences:

Journal articles:
Gamelin F.X., Baquet G., Berthoin S., Thevenet D., Nourry C., Nottin S., Bosquet L. Effect of high intensity intermittent training on heart rate variability in prepubescent children.// Eur J Appl Physiol. 2001. Vol. 105 No. 3 pp.731-738.

South J., Blass B. The future of modern genomics. London: Blackwell. 2001. 378 p.

Book chapters, abstracts, proseedings et al.:
Brown B., Aaron M. The nature of modern volcanism//“Magmatism of the Earth and related strategic metal deposits”. Proceedings of XXXIV International Conference. Miass, 4-9 August 2017 M: GEOKHI RAS, 2017. p. 230-257

Online documents (only actual in Internet):
Cartwright J Big stars have weather too. IOP Publishing PhysicsWeb. 2007 http://physicsweb.org/articles/news/11/6/16/1. 

Trent JW  Experimental acute renal failure. Dissertation. University of California. 1975 730 p.